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BA 1005 - Intro. to Business (Kelly)

Resources for Prof. Kelly's "Intro. to Business" course.

The Economist


Wall Street Journal


Business Magazines

You'll find the current issues of these magazines and newspapers in the library:

  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek*
  • Economist*
  • Fortune*
  • Harvard Business Review*
  • Money
  • Wall Street Journal*

*The library also subscribes to these titles online.
Search for each title in the library's Journal List.

Seeking Alpha

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Seeking Alpha is a free service that will send users alerts on stocks, investment strategies, etc.  Must register to access. 

Google Alerts

Sign up for a Google Alert here.  You will need a Google email account.

The New York Times


Google Business News


Yahoo Finance (NASDAQ News)

Visit Yahoo Finance for more business news.

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