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LA 2036 - Introduction to Psychology (Letourneau)

Developing keywords

Develop good search terms and select the right databases for your topic

Concept 1: (ex: “college degree”)

Concept 2:  (ex: worth)

Concept 3:  (ex:  “street smarts”)

(ex: “bachelor’s  degree”)

 (ex: value)

 (ex: “common sense”)

 (ex: “higher education”)

 (ex: “return on investment”)

(ex: “informal education”)

Working on your introduction

What are you going to write about and what do you need to know to write about it effectively?

Use books and websites to gain background information and history about a topic. This will help you learn keys issues. The Book/DVD Catalog can be a really great resource for this. The database CQ Researcher contains timelines and historical overviews on a lot of different issues.