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SA 2110 - Introduction to Zoo Keeping (Liguori)

Narrowing Your Topic

You are being asked to write the outline of a paper on an endangered species which will be assigned to you. You will still have to follow the basics of good research but won't actually have to write a paper. 

Your goal  is to become an expert in a particular topic. If your topic is too broad, finding and interpreting information about the topic like preparing to write an entire book!  Choosing a narrower topic limits your provides a clear focus for your process. If you know a little about the specific topic, try generating research questions.

Possible research questions:
Captive breeding of invertebrates
Zoonotic disease in fish
Copper and hoofstock
Obesity in turtles/tortoises

Finding resources

Remember to only use articles published within the last 15 years! If you are having trouble finding material, feel free to email the library for help!