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SA 2110 - Introduction to Zoo Keeping (Liguori): Starting the Research Process

Subjects to Explore--Fall 2013

Congenital problems in white tiger

Sloth bear gallbladders

Transporting orangutans

Resurrecting lost species

Transporting elephants

Measuring body condition in non-domestic animals

Education outreach rodriguez fruit bats

Education outreach marmoset – ssp


Captive breeding of invertebrates

Geriatric primates

Culling elephants in the wild

Disease and elephants

Bachelor gorilla groups

Snail species in captivity

American burying beetles – is it working

Importing African millipedes

West nile and zoo collections

Avian tuberculosis

Zoonotic disease in fish

Copper and hoofstock

Obesity in turtles/tortoises

Calcium phosphorus defeciencies in birds

Copper and non domestic hoofstock

Diabetes and training in primates

Wooley monkey blood pressure

Multiple ocular coloboma snow leopards

Amur leopards congenital problem ( s)

Burying beetles is it working?

The Research Process

Narrowing Your Topic

You must write a well-researched paper on the species assigned to you. It must be 4 pages long, excluding title and references pages. 

Your research will focus on the US endangered species which was assigned to you.

Your goal in a research project is to become an expert in a particular topic. If your topic is too broad, finding and interpreting information about the topic like preparing to write an entire book!  Choosing a narrower topic limits your provides a clear focus for your process. If you know a little about the specific topic, try generating research questions.


General:  Environment

Narrower: Global warming

Narrower:  Effect of automobiles

Specific:  Hybrid cars

Possible research questions:

·         How does hybrid technology reduce fuel consumption?

·         Does driving a hybrid car significantly reduce factors
that lead to global warming?

·         What is the battery life of the hybrid cars? What is the
environmental effect of disposing the batteries?

Your Librarian

Karen Sheldon
Krauskopf Memorial Library